Techno-Nauta Sp. z o.o. aims to achieve financial profit while ensuring that its customers are fully satisfied with the services it provides, especially in terms of competitive pricing and high quality of work.
To achieve the above objectives, the company has adopted the following principles:

  1. full enforceability of mutual obligations, treating customers and suppliers with respect and trust;
  2. regular expansion of services to include CNC operation, effective programming and planning of manufacturing services;
  3. outstanding customer service ensured by improved transfer and quality of information, achieved through the implementation of modern IT solutions;
  4. higher quality and timeliness of performed services as basic factors in the retention and acquisition of customers.
The company continuously strives to improve its Quality Management System, further intensify its activities regarding raising the qualifications of its employees, and generally enhance its customer service (construction services, selection and delivery of materials, and subcontractor services) and quick response to additional requirements set by the customers – all this to ensure the highest quality of service.
The employees of Techno-Nauta Sp. z o.o. validate the Quality Policy by their diligent work and full commitment.

Management Board of Techno-Nauta Sp. z o.o.